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DIY NFT Art Display

TokenCast NFT Art Display

Android App

The Android App is great if you have a tablet or manufactured device that you’d like to turn into an NFT display. Keep in mind that the Android App is built to be installed on the display device, not the phone you’re casting from. You can use Metamask as the mobile wallet if you don’t have one already.

Step 1 - Purchase an Android device

The app is compatible with a broad range of devices, from TVs to cell phones. A good candidate are these IPS touchscreen tablets on Amazon.

Step 2 - Setup

Install the TokenCast app via the Android store.

Step 3 - Give us a review

Honest feedback is always appreciated: Playstore listing

Support this project

Feedback and contributions are welcome. Token and art donations are appreciated!

Our public Ethereum address is TokenCast.eth